Frequently Asked Questions

European Games BizDev Gathering is a non-profit two days long online event focused on supporting European game developers during challenging times of the ongoing global crisis.

To help European game developers to get their projects (on all platforms) in front of investors and publishers and find suitable matches. Let's get some deals done.

For all game developers / studios with headquarters in Europe (all of Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus & Turkey) with a project or company ready for pitching to investors and / or publishers. We do love companies offering services and unburden the production, but this time the initiative is focusing exclusively on game development studios. If you focus on co-dev that's fine too. Please note that the organizers can refuse access to this event and the MeetToMatch platform without prior notice, for customers that are not meeting the requirements for this ticket.

It will take place online from 13th to 14th of May 2020 (from 9:00AM - 9:00PM CET) while using MeetToMatch as a platform for pitching and meetings.

This is an online event for matchmaking only. There are no talks or panels during the EGBG.

Check if your studio is based in Europe (all of Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus & Turkey) and if so, head to the registration page to register. Fill out your profile with details about the project as soon as possible to make it easier for potential publishers and investors to decide who to meet.

Head to the registration page, support the initiative and follow the instructions to complete the registration process. If you want to help and support additionally or need anything else, feel free to reach out.

We do love companies offering services to unburden the production, but this time the initiative is focusing solely on game development studios (including co-dev). Organisers of European Games BizDev Gathering reserve the right to refuse access to this event and the MeetToMatch platform without prior notice. Companies and individuals who are not meeting the requirements (they are not representing neither a game development studio, publisher, nor an investor), will be denied access and the registration fee will be fully reimbursed.

The MeetToMatch System has its own video call technology integrated that assigns a private meeting room to each confirmed meeting. This meeting link is generated 30 minutes before each meeting starts.

30 minutes before your confirmed meetings, the button 'start video meeting' will appear on your MeetToMatch dashboard. Click the button to go to your meeting.

To test your setup, audio, and video, you can connect to the test call before the event. The details of this call will be shared by you in a newsletter. We will have staff present on the call to help with troubleshooting and assistance if needed.

If colleagues are joining the meeting, you can share the URL the ‘start video meeting’ button leads you to with them. If you have many confirmed meetings, you can share your login credentials instead (don’t forget to change your password) so that they can find the links for each meeting themselves.

First, we will cover hard costs and all additional funds will go to the EGDF to strengthen their support for its European developer community and help as many game development studios as possible. Rcp and Reboot will not be reimbursed for any efforts.

European Games BizDev Gathering is structured entirely as a noncommercial event with the primary goal of supporting as many European game developers as possible. Therefore symbolic registration fee is only 35 EUR per developer while investors and publishers are offered to contribute to the basic event running costs with an amount whichever they feel appropriate

Confirmation will be sent to you by email after the registration is complete. Please, check your spam folder and reach out to us if you need assistance.

We can not accept any cancellations, unfortunately. We may decide on a discretionary basis on individual exceptions based on the individual case.

All payments must be done in Euro. VAT is applicable to all purchases at the German prevailing rate. Please reach out to if you are unable to pay by credit or debit card at the time of booking.

All information you provide in your MeetToMatch profile will be shared with the other participants of the EGBG but will not be made publicly available without your express consent.

European Games BizDev Gathering is organized by the joint EGDF, rcp and Reboot initiative while supported by some of their key European partners.

The European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) represents European game developers on a European level. It helps to build up policies that support the growth of the European game developer studios and foster the development of the entire digital ecosystem in Europe. Together with its member associations, EGDF represents more than 2 000 game developer studios with more than 25.000 employees. “EGDF is doing important work for our industry for more than a decade. Most of the time it happens in the maze of Brussels while seeming quite abstract. In this moment of immense challenges, we gladly step forward and do something tangible for the games industry in Europe. Let ́s get some deals done and make sure no one gets left behind” said Hendrik Lesser, President of EGDF. More you can find here

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In this case, we would be more than happy if you could share all the info about the event with your network.